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Lord Mayor John So celebrates the multicultural qualities of Melbourne, Metropolis Conference, 2007

Lord Mayor John So.

Melbourne's then Lord Mayor John So celebrates the city's multicultural qualities



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02 March 2009


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... people from 150 countries speaking over 200 distinct languages. Our city is one of the world’s most multicultural capitals. The energy and determination of successive waves of immigrants has driven our economic goals and provide amazing quality of life we all enjoy here. Today, our city is home to a peaceful community, sharing in the many advantages multiculturalism has provided.


From diverse cultural experiences to an ever expanding network of international trade activities, our ethnic mix is paying social and economic dividends. As the city has developed, so has our understanding of how local government can play a guiding role in connecting the diverse ethnic and cultural groups. Melbourne CBD is almost unrecognisable when compared with just 20 years ago. Investment in infrastructure and changes in planning have opened up once that laneways improve civic safety and support at influx of unique entrepreneurial enterprises.


As a result, an incredible range of retail, restaurant and entertainment experiences is now available. I think this is a good time to pay a visit to all these venues. And the 700,000 people who enter the city every day, are reminded of the positive outcomes from the city’s policies of multiculturalism, accessibility and social inclusion. The city of Melbourne has also established a reputation for events, for major sporting competitions and arts festivals to ethnic celebrations. We have a year wide of different occasions celebrated here in the heart of the city for all the diverse communities.


This annual program of well funded public activities, most of them free, shares ethnic customs, creates a sense of excitement and connects the people together. Melbourne does face challenges. And we are aware of the city’s social issues. As in, almost all major urban centres, issues such as the ageing population, homelessness and drug and alcohol addiction, require constant monitoring and remedy. As we welcome refugees escaping violence in other lands, we must work hard to understand cultural differences and support their entry and integration into our community.


An Australian progress has come at tremendous cost to the region’s many indigenous communities. Understanding the culture leads an expectation of indigenous Australian people is now a priority.


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