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Lionel Sharpe looks at the first Jewish community in Melbourne

Lionel Sharpe.

Genealogist Lionel Sharpe looks at the first Jewish community in Melbourne (http://www.bh.org.il/Communities/Archive/Melbourne.asp)



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05 February 2009


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There was a very tiny community after the first settlement on the banks of the River Yarra, a few hundred. It was almost – you would just – a loose collection of settlers, they would hold prayer services on the corner of Collins and Elizabeth Street, upstairs above a shop, the Cashmere’s shop, Cashmore’s shop which is still there – well the shop’s not there but the building’s still there.


1851 changed all that: gold was discovered in Ballarat about 110 kilometres from Melbourne and that brought thousands of settlers, not only Jewish but Chinese and – I mean the whole story of the gold rush, but among them were obviously the word had got back to Europe and England and other places that there was gold to be found, that money was to be made, if not as gold diggers, as selling clothing, trading to the massive ships that were coming in to Port Phillip Bay.


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