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Maria Tence on the more conservative orientation of the Italian community

Mara Moustafine and Maria Tence.



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15 April 2009


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I think itís fair to say that the Italians of the time, because they were workers, were more Labor. Perhaps there were more Labor voters than Liberal voters, thatís changed. And those very same people who voted Labor are now voting Liberal, but I think they felt that Labor represented their needs a bit more than the conservative Liberals, even though the Italians here at the time were seen to be conservative I think generally they were more Labor voters. And as the community then spread out, moved away from the centre of Melbourne, into the suburbs I think they became more conservative and then started to vote Liberal.


There Ė they werenít strong unionists, there were a handful of shop stewards Ėmy own father was a shop steward for a little while, women were definitely not involved in the union movement at all. Mostly it was the men. But I think they were Ė itís true to say they were not as active in politics as the Greek community.


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