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  Panucci, Frank
Arts - Cultural Maintenance?
The Deputy Executive Officer of the Cultural Community Development Unit of the Australia Council in 1995 writes about the evolution of the Council’s multicultural arts policy, in particular its shift from the aim of cultural maintenance to seeing diversity as central to Australia’s cultural product and representations.
Format: pdf | Size: 215K | Length: 2 pages | Date Added: 26 March 2002 | | VIEW |
  Papadopoulos, George
Twenty-fifth Anniversary of NSW Good Neighbour Council
At a conference on this anniversary in 1975, George Papadopoulos - then a part-time commissioner in the Social Welfare Commission - examined participation by migrants in decision-making and offered some suggestions.
Format: pdf | Size: | Length: | Date Added: 01 April 2002 | | VIEW |
  Parliament of Australia: Senate
Inquiry into the Progress Towards National Reconciliation
The Senate refers the matter of National Reconciliation to the Senate Legal and Constitutional References committee for inquiry.
Format: pdf | Size: 48 kb | Length: 1 page | Date Added: 27 February 2004 | | VIEW |
  Passaris, Jack
Letter to Prime Minister Hawke
A letter from the acting chairperson of the NSW Ethnic Communitiesí Council in 1988 to the Prime Minister informing him of a public meeting that was held on the question of the Equal Disappointment Opportunity? report, which called for its publication and distribution.
Format: pdf | Size: | Length: | Date Added: 01 April 2002 | | VIEW |
  Pearson, Noel
Eddie Mabo Human Rights Lecture
In this 1995 talk, Aboriginal activist Noel Pearson reviews the history of the struggle for native title, and pays tribute to Eddie Mabo for the crucial role he played, saying the Mabo ruling has laid the foundation for the future of all Australians.
Format: pdf | Size: | Length: | Date Added: 01 April 2002 | | VIEW |
  Penny, Benjamin
Chinese religion and the Wesleyan Mission in Castlemaine, 1868
Chinese religion and Wesleyan Mission. Benjamin Penny discusses the overriding impression of the encounter between the Chinese and Europeans on the goldfields as one of two communities largely living separate lives, in different languages, eating different food, in distinct places of residence, worshiping different gods in different ways. The missionary encounter was one of the very few sites where one community actively reached out to the other.
Format: pdf | Size: 20 KB | Length: 1 Page | Date Added: 03 February 2009 | | VIEW |
  Penny, Janet
Intermarriage in Australia
An article outlining the results of a 1996 report called Intermarriage - A Study of Migration and Integration in Australia, which looked into the motives, experiences, and implications of intermarriage.
Format: pdf | Size: | Length: | Date Added: 01 April 2002 | | VIEW |
  Pettman, Ralph
Incitement to Racial Hatred: Issues and Analysis
A 1982 paper analysing the arguments over controlling incitement to racial hatred, examples of how other countries have dealt with it, and suggestions for measures that could be taken in Australia.
Format: pdf | Size: | Length: | Date Added: 01 April 2002 | | VIEW |
  Phillips, Irene; Ip, David; Kitay, Jim; Lever-Tracy, Constance and Tracy, Noel
Asian Entrepreneurs in Australia
The executive summary of this 1991 report which looks into ethnic small business in the Chinese and Indian communities in Brisbane and Sydney, and finds high levels of successful, independent businesses among these two migrant groups.
Format: pdf | Size: 337K | Length: 9 pages | Date Added: 26 March 2002 | | VIEW |
  Pix Magazine
Year of the Millionth Migrant
Excerpts from a special issue of Pix magazine on 3 December 1955 marking the arrival of the millionth migrant to Australia and describing some of the success stories involving the post-war newcomers.
Format: pdf | Size: | Length: | Date Added: 01 April 2002 | | VIEW |