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  Facci, Franca
Illawarra Migrant Resource Centre (Annual Report)
The chairperson of the centre, Franca Facci, reviews changes in the organisation and the issues it addressed over the preceding year, in the centre’s 1995 Annual Report.
Format: pdf | Size: 213K | Length: 2 pages | Date Added: 26 March 2002 | | VIEW |
  Fahey, John
Australia’s Rich Resource
Edited version of a 1996 address by the Minister for Finance in which he encourages moves towards “unlocking” the potential of Australia’s cultural and linguistic diversity, with all the benefits that brings.
Format: pdf | Size: 278K | Length: 2 pages | Date Added: 26 March 2002 | | VIEW |
  Falk, Catherine
Hmong Funeral in Australia in 1992
n this paper Dr. Catherine Falk of Melbourne University’s Faculty of Music tells of the adaptations made by Hmong people living in Australia to their elaborate rituals, as she describes the events surrounding the funerals of three Hmong youths who died in a boating accident.
Format: pdf | Size: 394K | Length: | Date Added: 26 March 2002 | | VIEW |
FECCA conference 2002 drafts a policy on Racism, Reconciliation and Multiculturalism. Read about the issues and the responses in this policy draft.
Format: pdf | Size: 42 kb | Length: 1 page | Date Added: 27 February 2004 | | VIEW |
  Federal Race Discrimination Commissioner
State of the Nation: Employment
The chapter on employment in this 1995 report by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, which concludes that labour market outcomes for immigrants of non-English speaking background are still inferior to those for other Australians and that racial discrimination contributes to this situation.
Format: pdf | Size: | Length: | Date Added: 30 March 2002 | | VIEW |
  Federation of Australian Commercial Television Stations
Advisory Notes to the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice
The 1994 advisory notes covering guidelines for the portrayal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and of cultural diversity under the federation’s self-regulated Code of Practice.
Format: pdf | Size: | Length: | Date Added: 30 March 2002 | | VIEW |
  Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils
FECCA response to the discussion paper “Towards a National Agenda for a Multicultural Australia”
The Federation’s 1988 submission on the discussion paper preceding the National Agenda focuses on three elements: the setting of goals, a legislative charter, and a national policy on languages.
Format: pdf | Size: | Length: | Date Added: 30 March 2002 | | VIEW |
  Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia
FECCA Log of Claims, 1996 Federal Election Kit
Launched by FECCA ahead of the 1996 Federal Election, the log of claims lists issues on which it sought commitments from the major political parties on a wide range of policies affecting migrants.
Format: pdf | Size: | Length: | Date Added: 30 March 2002 | | VIEW |
  Flinders, Matthew
Excerpt from Matthew Flinders' log, 1802
Explorer Matthew Flinders describes some of the people with whom he came into contact in what would later become northern Queensland, in his A Voyage to Terra Australis.
Format: pdf | Size: 1.16 MB | Length: 3 pages | Date Added: 22 December 2005 | | VIEW |
  Fong, King
Chinese people and political change in Australia
King Fong speaks on Chinese people and political change in Australia from Teaching Heritage
Format: doc | Size: | Length: | Date Added: 17 July 2002 | | VIEW |
  Forrest, Jim and Dunn, Kevin
Queensland racism: a graphical analysis
Attitudes towards cultural diversity in different parts of the state are mapped and analysed, based on information from a 2001 survey.
Format: pdf | Size: 159 KB | Length: 3 pages | Date Added: 08 March 2006 | | VIEW |
  Fraser, Malcolm
Migrant Services and Programs - Statement by the Prime Minister
On presenting the Galbally Report to Parliament in 1978, Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser says his Government accepts the Review’s proposals on migrant services, and the financial commitments required to implement them.
Format: pdf | Size: | Length: | Date Added: 30 March 2002 | | VIEW |
  Fraser, Malcolm
Multiculturalism: Australia’s Unique Achievement
In this inaugural speech to the Australian Institute of Multicultural Affairs in 1981, Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser reviews the history and benefits of immigration, and says building on these achievements can help realise the full extent of multiculturalism’s advantages.
Format: pdf | Size: | Length: | Date Added: 30 March 2002 | | VIEW |
  Fraser, Malcolm
Perspectives of Multiculturalism in Australia
In addressing the 1988 FECCA Congress, former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser compares contemporary attitudes to multiculturalism to when he inaugurated the organisation in 1981, saying he is disappointed at some continuing resistance to the policy, but expressing his confidence in its future because of all the benefits it brings Australia.
Format: pdf | Size: | Length: | Date Added: 30 March 2002 | | VIEW |
  Fraser, Malcolm
Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser's view of multiculturalism
Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser presents his view of multiculturalism, one reflecting his experience of Melbourne diversity
Format: pdf | Size: 160 KB | Length: 5 Pages | Date Added: 22 February 2009 | | VIEW |