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  Ibrahim, Mahmoud
Arab Muslims in Queensland
Mahmoud Ibrahim outlines the practices of Islam and the origins of Arab Muslims in Queensland, as well as their history, institutions and traditions.
Format: pdf | Size: 63 KB | Length: 5 pages | Date Added: 15 March 2006 | | VIEW |
  Immigrant Womenís Speakout Association NSW
Immigrant Womenís Speakout Association NSW
The contents of a leaflet put out by this NSW information and lobby organisation, outlining its background, objectives and activities.
Format: pdf | Size: 154K | Length: 2 pages | Date Added: 26 March 2002 | | VIEW |
  Immigration Advisory Council
Committee on Community Relations
The August 1974 interim report of this Immigration Advisory Councilís Committee, set up to enquire into discrimination against migrants, recommends ways for increasing sensitivity to people of diverse backgrounds across the community.
Format: pdf | Size: 377K | Length: 7 pages | Date Added: 26 March 2002 | | VIEW |
  Immigration Advisory Council, Committee on Social Patterns
Inquiry into the departure of settlers from Australia
This 1973 report looks at the rate, pattern, and causes of departure of settlers and recommends ways the government can improve services to migrants to slow the rate of departures.
Format: pdf | Size: 291K | Length: 4 pages | Date Added: 26 March 2002 | | VIEW |
  Immigration Museum, Victoria
Immigrant women and their role in the rise of multiculturalism
Read about immigrant women and their role in the rise of multiculturalism and programs for immigrants and refugees
Format: pdf | Size: 40 KB | Length: 1 Page | Date Added: 22 February 2009 | | VIEW |
  Immigration Planning Council
Australiaís Immigration Programme for the Period 1968-1973
The summary of conclusions and recommendations of a 1968 report on future immigration policy, which reaffirms that large scale immigration should continue and recommends government action to facilitate the achievement of immigration targets.
Format: pdf | Size: | Length: | Date Added: 01 April 2002 | | VIEW |
Ethnic Editorials - a selection of opinion
A compilation by the NSW Ethnic Communitiesí Councilís magazine Infocus of opinion in the ethnic media in late 1996 in response to the Hanson debate, with most expressing serious concern over the resurgence of racism and calling for more leadership from the Prime Minister.
Format: pdf | Size: | Length: | Date Added: 01 April 2002 | | VIEW |
  Ip, David; Kitay, Jim; Lever-Tracy, Constance; Phillips, Irene and Tracy, Noel
Asian Entrepreneurs in Australia
The executive summary of this 1991 report which looks into ethnic small business in the Chinese and Indian communities in Brisbane and Sydney, and finds high levels of successful, independent businesses among these two migrant groups.
Format: pdf | Size: 337K | Length: 9 pages | Date Added: 26 March 2002 | | VIEW |
  Ip, David
Taiwanese community
David Ip explores the settlement difficulties of immigrants from Taiwan over the 1990s and makes comparisons with those arriving from Mainland China and Hong Kong.
Format: pdf | Size: 432 KB | Length: 21 pages | Date Added: 06 March 2006 | | VIEW |