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Mix It Up - Learning and Creating

Victorian Arts Centre.

In workshops and with mentors, new immigrant musicians build their knowledge about performance and their skills in working in Australian contexts



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13 January 2011


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Mix It Up: A Journey through Music

Segment 2: Learning and Creating


[The first opening context setting sentences only]

Introduction – music and rap.


Rob Gebert, Victorian Arts Centre: We’ve done a number of workshops and training sessions with emerging artists to teach them about “really exciting things” like ABNs and Tax File Numbers and copyright and moral rights legislation and how you put together a press kit, and all those things that are key skills. Which a lot of these artists coming from, particularly the refugee countries, just didn’t have, have had no understanding of the Australian music industry environment works.


Khalid Abdulrahman (Rapper Diafrix): Without the workshop there would be no Diafrix….