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Mix It Up - Discovery

Victorian Arts Centre.

Newly arrived musicians discover their opportunities to become performers in Australia through Mix It Up, a joint Victorian Arts Centre and Multicultural Arts Victoria Project



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13 January 2011


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Mix It Up: A Journey through Music

Segment 1: Discovery


[The first opening context setting sentences only]

Introduction – music and rap.


Jill Morgan (JM): Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) is the key arts and peak state arts body for celebrating culturally diverse artists and the arts community in Victoria. Our role is to represent our artists and to connect to communities. I see MAV as the bridge between the mainstream arts sectors and the ethnic communities.


Rob Gebert, Victorian Arts Centre: We had the realisation that because we hadn’t been very active in multicultural programming, we’d done some individual projects over the previous decade, and we weren’t a specialist multicultural organisation, that we really needed to work in partnership with somebody who could provide us with that specialist expertise, the links to community, the relationships that take time to build up to leaders and so on. We identified that Multicultural Arts Victoria were good partners for this particular project.


JM: What we do first is we trust…