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Serap Ozdemir describes going back to Turkey as a child and her identity issues

Serap Ozdemir.



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15 April 2009


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We found ourselves in Turkey and I don’t recall a lot of the relatives other than photos, so it was very hard for five of us, though the family was very happy, to kind of connectedness, it was very difficult to establish. Because you know, we certainly know in families that, you know, that kind of continuum of dynamics and that relationship is important to keep a relationship so we felt a little bit kind of isolated, the culture, the families, who are these people? I remember the first couple of weeks, we were – “Where am I?” And the experiences were very similar when we came here as well, you know, the fact of feeling a lack of sense of belonging, space, who are we? What are we? We kind of questioned a lot of it and many of immigrants would also have experienced such feelings in their journey of resettlement.