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The Quiet Revolution

Walter Lippmann.

Walter Lippmann gives his definition of a multicultural society.



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16 July 2002


SBS Television, 1983.


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Founding Chair, Ethnic Communitiesí Council of Victoria and founding member, Federation of Ethnic Communitiesí Councils of Australia

A definition of a multicultural society is as follows: A variety of different cultural groups co-exists harmoniously, free to maintain their respective religions, linguistic or social customs, equal as individuals in their access to resources and services appropriate to them and their needs, to civil and political rights, and sharing with the rest of society particular concerns and values. There would be diversity, equality, empathy of interaction. All of the groups would stress tolerance of cultural, linguistic and religious differences, which would be complementary to the loyalties the individual shares with other Australians, and which form part of his or her identity as an Australian in the Australian ethos.

From The Quiet Revolution, SBS Television, 1983.