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Race Hatred Legislation - “What is Wrong with Multiculturalism?”

Colin Rubenstein.

Dr Colin Rubenstein, speaks on global resurgence of racism.



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19 July 2002


University of Adelaide, 2 December 1993.


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Politics Department, Monash University

There is also a disturbing global resurgence of racism, obvious in Europe, Germany, Italy, elsewhere. And while Australia’s not in the league of these overseas countries, the documentation in the National Inquiry into Racist Violence - anecdotal and actual empirical evidence collected by many ethnic communities - (shows) there has been a disturbing growth of racist incitement and violence in Australia as well in recent years, which indicates the need for the strengthening and extension, and the initiation in some states and federally, of appropriate legislation, such as racial vilification legislation, as well as efforts from all quarters - educationally, politically - to reinforce the values of tolerance, respect and harmony on which our multiculturalism is based. There has been a degeneration of public comment in media coverage. The resilience of Australian society shouldn’t be underestimated. But I think we’ve reached the stage where appropriate action by government authorities, in introducing legislation to impose criminal sanctions for racist violence and racial vilification, has been reached.

From “What is Wrong with Multiculturalism?”, University of Adelaide, 2 December 1993.