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Azem Elmez - Muslim community leader and Prison Chaplain, Shepparton 2009


Azem Elmez - Muslim community leader and Prison Chaplain, Shepparton 2009



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20 January 2011


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Azem Elmez


If Almighty God wants to destroy something he will destroy it. He doesn’t need us. He will destroy, in Arabic there is a word “Kon fa Kon” Be it will be. Before you say it will be, it is done. He doesn’t need this. He doesn’t need anybody, some mentally ill sick person to do some stupid evil things. I mean in Islam it is totally forbidden even to kill a little sparrow. That little sparrow on the Judgement Day he will come and question that person, he will say “you killed me, very painfully, for no reason. If you use me, that’s a reason, but you just killed me and you left me. You will be questioned for that. Even a tree, to chop it down the tree without no reason, we will be questioned for it. So HOW about the mankind? To go and kill innocent people, is no such a thing, this is not Islam. This is evil. And whoever says Islam, well there is something wrong with him. And putting Islam, using the word to embarrass the rest of the religion. There is no such thing in Islam or in any other religion, in any other religion, Yes our religion says “kill!” There is no such a thing.


But unfortunately we have the foolish weak-minded people there, I don’t know to be honest, and they will be questioned for that. Almighty God will question them, and they will have a serious punishment. And Almighty God will have a serious, serious punishment. ….


Even for example, for example in Pakistan now lately there has been bombing and killing and etcetera… Now for example a person in Pakistan say an American or Australian or a European got killed and I in Australia say “Oh, I am happy that that happened”. Almighty God say you are a part, you share with it as a sin, you’ve done it. Just to think about it, “I’m happy that it happened”. You see how bad it is. So that’s why it is, if Almighty God doesn’t want the Christians he wouldn’t create the Christians or the Jews or the Hindus or Buddhas or Atheists or whatever, he would just keep the Muslims. No, Almighty God created Mankind, all of Mankind.


On the Judgement Day, Almighty God won’t question you, “Hey, Azem, you’re Muslim, then you’re a good boy…”. No, Almighty God will question our deeds, I did create the Son of Adam for one purpose; what purpose it is? To worship me!


That is important, it doesn’t matter “I’m a Christian, I’ll go to Heaven, I’m a Muslim, I’ll go to heaven”. No, no, no… It’s not such a thing. We have to take care of one other, love one another, and then the Blessings of Almighty will come. But without that we are doomed, to be honest. In another word, we are doomed. So we have to take care of one another.