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Serap Ozdemir about her family establishing itself in Australia, and life in Melbourne

Serap Ozdemir.

Serap Ozdemir describes how her family established themselves in Australia.



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03 April 2009


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 The hostel environment for us was not really appropriate. You know, we had bunk beds, tiny little space in a bunk with five kids, Mum and Dad, so – and it wasn’t uncommon, if you got along with certain people on that plane and subsequently in the hostel, then normally what would happen, two or three families would move out into one house and that’s exactly what we did. We moved out with another family, the first house was in Moreland and it was right opposite Moreland Primary School. And the family that we moved out with was husband and wife and four other children.
We also moved opposite Collingwood Town Hall, with the same family and I think it’s because the people that owned the Moreland house were Italian background and when they realised that there were two families living there, basically they asked us to move, I do recall that kind of slight discussion, is what I would call it, but it wasn’t really a discussion. It was a bit of a kind of, you know, resistance to – they just came over one day, it was just literally and just said, “You’ve got to move out.” Literally on that day. So here we were, nine kids and four parents, moving out and we had nowhere to go, so Dad was lucky to find that house.