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Bernard Korbman on his early lessons about democracy and equality in schooling

Bernard Korbman and Mara Moustafine.

Holocaust museum director Bernard Korbman remembers early lessons about democracy and equality in schooling.



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01 April 2009


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I started to teach in the Coburg/ Brunswick area and my first school was in a Catholic school and I was very fortunate, there was a wonderful, wonderful man by the name of Frank West, who was the principal of this girls’ school, his brother was Morris West, the writer. And I liked Frank because he had an appreciation way ahead of his time of multiculturalism in the sense that one – if one visited schools often people were told, “Don’t speak in your own language.” And so on.


Frank, I remember on the first day at an assembly, because there were a lot of Lebanese and Italian children at that school, said to the girls, “I don’t mind whatever language you speak in the schoolyard, etcetera, just remember language is something that’s very special and very precious. So speak it well, whether it’s English, Lebanese, Italian, respect the language you speak.


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