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Carlo Carli on the workforce in the Brunswick community

Carlo Carli and Mara Moustafine.

Brunswick MP Carlo Carli describes the migrant workforce of the post-war era.



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31 March 2009


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It was classic post-war industrial workforce the kids’ parents largely worked in the factories, the exception was Pentridge, there were a lot of parents, particularly the Aussie parents, that were working in Pentridge, but the largest number were factory workers and then of course, you had a smattering of small business people -fish and chip shop ownerspizzeria owners and that sort of stuff but overwhelmingly they were strictly factory workers and henceit was a working class community,– I remember one of the most vivid days for me, just in terms of the whole school response was 1975 when Whitlam was sacked the whole school shut down.
Everyone stopped and a lot of the kids just walked out of the school and went off to march in the city square and I thought that was a very interestingsort of response of the time, that was the side we were on and it was not quite universal, it was pretty close to. And I remember when I came to university, finding friends of mine who had gone to private schools where the exact opposite had gone on, where once the sacking had occurredkids cheered it on rather- so I think we had very strong Labor solidarities in that school. And you know, factory – the fact that it was factory workers and a lot of the car plants in particular were the major employers in that area, Ford and General Motors– it did create a certain bonding within that community.
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