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Mabel Wang on her identity as third generation Australian

Mara Moustafine and Mabel Wang.

Mabel Wang reflects on her own identity and how being third generation Australian she still thinks some people won't let her call Australia "home".



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09 March 2009


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My grandfather came here in the 1850s, my father was born here and Iím born here so I think Iím considered second Australian. And I have my son, my granddaughter, my great granddaughter, so we have been here for five generations in Australia. And although, you know, weíve been here all this time, sometimes people ask me, you know, say to me, ďOh you speak such good English, how long have you been here?Ē Or some people say, ďWhy donít you go back to where you came from.Ē Which is not very nice.


It makes you feel like youíre always an outsider still. You know, even though you belong here, you feel youíre not quite, you donít quite belong, 100%. And I used to feel Ė I used to think when I was younger, I used to think, ďOh when I go back to China, Iíll feel Ė Iíll really feel at home now.Ē But when you go there you donít belong there either. And you donít really belong here, you donít belong there, you donít really belong anywhere, because you have had this two fighting, you know sort of identities. Theyíre different kind of people, I canít Ė I donít know because Ė but from the outside looking in, theyíre very different from us and we were very humble people Ė a lot of their people coming here, theyíre so confident. And they throw themselves around, they talk loudly, I donít know why. I donít know why that is, I think they grew up in their own country maybe.


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