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Value and implications of interfaith dialogue

Joe Caputo.

Joe Caputo comments on the value and implications of interfaith dialogue



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02 March 2009


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... we were at the forefront in establishing interfaith committees, so that there was dialogue between the various states, so that people would not fear by establishing the interfaith committees in our area and that meets on a regular basis, its supported by local council in terms of administrative and other meeting facilities and the like.


We in doing that we also wanted to promote the idea that other people, other faiths are not to be feared. That there is we actually its ignorance that breeds the fear and that its ignorance that breeds also conflicts and other potential bad things. That by promoting those sort of dialogues and between faiths and between groups, it means that were breaking down the ignorance and hopefully we people start understanding that there is a common universal humanity that binds everyone together.


Including amongst religion, I mean Im personally not a practising religious person but I believe that there are a lot of commonality amongst all religions of the world, not only the monotheistic religions, but also the other religions that are present in our community.


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