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John Lack on resistance to racism

John Lack and Mara Moustafine.

Historian John lack remarks on the resistance to racism that is now part of Victorian culture



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02 March 2009


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What I like about Victorian, the feel of Victoria and Melbourne is that and I think its Bracks who gives the lead here, you know, that were just not going to tolerate racism and intolerance, were just not going to were just not going to give it any measure of approval at all. Its not our world. Were interested in becoming, were not interested in looking back at old rivalries and prejudices and so on, were interested in becoming, were interested in talent, were interested in encouraging


And I think that spirit and I think its shared in the opposition too, that spirit sort of pervades public policy and publicly approved policy and I think thats you know, part of the battle is the battle of propaganda. I dont think propaganda is a shameful word. Propaganda, if propaganda spreads good values, then its a good thing and if propaganda is constructive and positive and encourages people to be positive and constructive then its good. And I think the vibes are good. And the opposition shares it.


Thats the other interesting thing about Victoria, the resistance to racism in the immigration policy has come very largely from within Victoria. It came within the Liberal Party from the member for Kooyong, Petro Georgio. Wonderful. We hadnt seen that element of independence in the Liberal Party for a long time, it was very welcome.


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