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Xenophobia is a Greek word which means “fear of foreigners”. It is generally understood to be the fear of, or hostility towards, people who are considered to be outsiders to the community, society or national identity.

Xenophobia is a form of prejudice as it relates to the fear or hatred of people different from oneself due to, for example, country of origin, politics, culture or religion.

Racism and xenophobia are closely related due to attitudes, prejudices and behaviours that exclude, vilify and reject individuals on the basis of being considered outsiders or foreigners.

What makes it hot?

The term is considered to be hot when it is applied indiscriminately to anyone who expresses a view that is not considered to be politically correct or which might offend a cultural, religious or or ethnic group. This generalisation overlooks the fact that people can hold valid views that are different to those held by the majority without being xenophobic.

Date Added:

10 March 2002