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Hotword: Bleeding Heart...


Bleeding Heart...


“Bleeding heart” is a colloquial term for a person considered to hold excessively liberal or social democratic views.

Its origin may be the “Order of the Bleeding Heart”, a semi-religious order of the Middle Ages honouring the Virgin Mary whose “heart was pierced with many sorrows”.

This term was initially used with sincerity to mean “you have my deepest sympathy”. Later it took on a sarcastic meaning. For example, “She is a bleeding-heart liberal and a misdirected do-gooder”.

What makes it hot?

“Bleeding heart” is hot as it is used to demean a person who is considered to show undue sensitivity or concern for another person or group. Use of the expression also implies that the person or group to whom the concern is directed is not worthy of that level of concern.

Date Added:

25 June 2002