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  Arab Muslims in Queensland
Ibrahim, Mahmoud
Mahmoud Ibrahim outlines the practices of Islam and the origins of Arab Muslims in Queensland, as well as their history, institutions and traditions.
Format: pdf | Size: 63 KB | Length: 5 pages | Date Added: 15 March 2006 | | VIEW |
  Buddhism in Brisbane
Museum of Brisbane
A brief history of Buddhism in Brisbane and an explanation of the collection of Buddhas on display in a 2005 Museum of Brisbane exhibition.
Format: pdf | Size: 415 KB | Length: 3 pages | Date Added: 15 March 2006 | | VIEW |
  Building services for Muslim women
Mok, Jeannie
A biography of Galila Abdel Salam, who established the Islamic Women's Association of Queensland and has done much other work aimed at helping educate, inform and support Muslim women.
Format: pdf | Size: 1.65 MB | Length: 4 pages | Date Added: 15 March 2006 | | VIEW |
  Death, Dying and Religion
Babacan, Hurriyet and Obst, Patrica
Sections of a book describing beliefs and practices in several non-Christian religions to help health professionals in their work with diverse patients.
Format: pdf | Size: 6.36 MB | Length: 12 pages | Date Added: 15 March 2006 | | VIEW |
  Griffith University Multi-Faith Centre
Griffith University
Link to information on Griffith University's Multi-Faith Centre, set up in 2002 as a venue for research by people of diverse religious traditions and for inter-faith dialogue and education.
Format: pdf | Size: 43 KB | Length: 1 page | Date Added: 09 February 2006 | | VIEW |
  Islam in Brisbane
Brisbane City Council
A 2004 Brisbane City Council publication aimed at helping Muslims feel welcome in the city and providing information on Islam for the wider community.
Format: pdf | Size: 986 KB | Length: 16 pages | Date Added: 15 March 2006 | | VIEW |
  Islam: The religion revealed to Muhammad
Mahmoud, Ali-Salaam
A powerpoint description of the religion of Islam.
Format: ppt | Size: 651 Kb | Length: 13 slides | Date Added: 21 April 2004 | | VIEW |
  Judaism in Queensland
Ochert, Morris
Morris Ochert tells the history of the Jewish communities in the state, and outlines their organisations and activities over the years.
Format: pdf | Size: 323 KB | Length: 4 pages | Date Added: 15 March 2006 | | VIEW |
  Kuraby Mosque after the fire
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
Link to the transcript of an ABC interview with Mohammad Abdalla, in which he outlines the role in educating the community about Islam that the Kuraby Mosque has taken on since it was rebuilt, after an arson attack in 2001.
Format: pdf | Size: 48 KB | Length: 1 page | Date Added: 09 February 2006 | | VIEW |
  Living in a material world
Abdel-Fattah, Randa
Randa Abdel-Fattah writes about what it means to be an Australian Muslim today, in the face of discrimination based on misunderstood perceptions about extremism.
Format: pdf | Size: 180 KB | Length: 11 pages | Date Added: 15 March 2006 | | VIEW |
  Many meanings of Buddha
Museum of Brisbane
Messages from those who loaned their Buddhas to the Museum of Brisbane exhibition about what the Buddhas mean to them personally.
Format: pdf | Size: 533 KB | Length: 41 pages | Date Added: 15 March 2006 | | VIEW |
  Muslim Youth in Australia
Australian Multicultural Foundation
A 2005 Forum for young Muslim Australians identifies critical issues of widespread alienation and also their desire to contribute to Australian society.
Format: pdf | Size: 100 KB | Length: 3 pages | Date Added: 06 July 2006 | | VIEW |
  Racism. No Way! | Fact Sheet: An introduction to Islam in Australia
NSW Department of Education and Training
This fact sheet on the Racism. No Way! website, aims to provide some basic information on the Islamic faith.
Format: pdf | Size: 196 KB | Length: 2 pages | Date Added: 22 November 2004 | | VIEW |
  Religion, Cultural Diversity and Safeguarding Australia
Australian Multicultural Foundation
This ground-breaking report shows how the AMF saw many of the most difficult issues of today, and prepared for them - here a report from how Australian communities are dealing with religious diversity.
Format: pdf | Size: 42 KB | Length: 1 page | Date Added: 05 July 2006 | | VIEW |
  Religious Citizenship
Hudson, Wayne
Wayne Hudson calls on Australia to develop a new notion of pluralist religious citizenship which would serve as a model for the rest of the world, at a 2001 Queensland multicultural summit.
Format: pdf | Size: 97 KB | Length: 5 pages | Date Added: 15 March 2006 | | VIEW |
  The Portrayal of Muslim Women in the Media
Kaddour, Sarwet
The views of a 21 year old Muslim woman, "born and raised in the land Down Under".
Format: doc | Size: 20 Kb | Length: 1 page | Date Added: 21 April 2004 | | VIEW |
  Victoria Religious Ceremonies -- Slide 5
Jakubowicz, Andrew
Format: pdf | Size: 70 KB | Length: 550 x 400 | Date Added: 19 January 2011 | | VIEW |
  Weblinks and References: Islam
Jakubowicz, Andrew
Weblinks and references for further information on Islam
Format: doc | Size: 24 Kb | Length: 1 page | Date Added: 21 April 2004 | | VIEW |
  Woman and Islam: Muslim Women in Multi-faith Australia
Hussein, Jamila
A powerpoint presentation that describes muslim women in Australia
Format: ppt | Size: 44 Kb | Length: 15 slides | Date Added: 21 April 2004 | | VIEW |
  "Multicultural Trailblazer" - Sultan Mohammed Deen
Mok, Jeannie
A biography of community leader Sultan Mohammed Deen, describing his activities consolidating Muslim services in Brisbane and in voluntary and charitable works for the wider community.
Format: pdf | Size: 643 KB | Length: 4 pages | Date Added: 15 March 2006 | | VIEW |